Papyrus Australia Ltd is the developer of a world-first technology that
converts the waste trunk of the banana palm into alternatives to forest
wood products to be used in the paper, packaging, furniture, building,
construction and other industries.
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The Papyrus Technology has significant environmental benefits as compared with existing wood-based product manufacturing and can take advantage of the global trend of increasing environmental policy.

It meets all the criteria of an environmentally-sustainable manufacturing process:

Fibre source

  • It does not contribute to the destruction of natural or purpose-planted forests, potentially saving about 12 million hectares every year from destruction
  • The fibre source is the banana trunk, a non-seasonable, sustainable, renewable and fast growing by-product of fruit production and a currently unutilised fibre source
  • No water is consumed during the production process
  • During the process, water contained in the trunks is released and this can be used to irrigate the banana plants in the plantation where the Papyrus technology is installed
  • Minimal amounts of energy are required
  • Elements of the Papyrus technology can be operated using sustainable (Hydro, Biomass, solar and/or wind) energy if required
  • It creates opportunities for generating renewable energy as part of the process
  • Production occurs within the banana plantation, minimising costs of transport and energy consumption
  • No chemical additives are consumed in the production process
  • Uses no formaldehyde glues in the panel manufacturing process
Effluents & waste
  • No landfill or effluent is produced from the manufacturing process
  • No methane or oxides of nitrogen are produced or emitted as a consequence of manufacturing
  • There are about 10 million hectares of banana plantations worldwide which creates 2.5 billion tonnes of decomposing banana plantation waste per year. It is estimated that every tonne of banana plantation waste emits on average half a tonne of CO2-e per year. The Papyrus technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by converting this material into useable fibre products
Environmental value

The global environmental markets are rapidly expanding as a result of evolving legislation on climate mitigation, energy efficiency and biodiversity conservation. Papyrus is in a strong position to start leveraging the international environmental markets with its highly environmentally-beneficial technology.

Papyrus recently commissioned Sigma Global, an international management company with more than a decade of experience in global environmental markets, to advise on how to realise value from the environmental benefits inherent in the Papyrus technology and process. The matters Sigma Global were asked to consider included:
  • the latest global and local developments in climate change policy
  • how participation in environmental markets can add value to Papyrus’s activities in Australia and in overseas countries where banana is grown
  • how environmental markets can improve project investment returns
  • how Papyrus can best optimise its assets and activities and reduce risk in an increasingly carbon constrained environment
  • opportunities for Papyrus presented by the various environmental asset accreditation and trading schemes
Although an emissions trading scheme has been shelved for the time being in Australia, there are many countries worldwide that have operating emissions trading systems and environmental certification of products. The Papyrus board will in the coming months apply the study findings to its strategy going forward and to its operational production and financial models.

‘There is a significant opportunity for Papyrus to monetise the environmental benefits inherent in the Papyrus technology and process, adding considerable value to the Papyrus business model.’ Sally Burns, Managing Director Sigma Global
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