Papyrus Australia Ltd is the developer of a world-first technology that
converts the waste trunk of the banana palm into alternatives to forest
wood products to be used in the paper, packaging, furniture, building,
construction and other industries.
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23/04/2012 More to bananas than bananas The Switch Report Link
18/01/2012 Papyrus goes bananas with new factory Adelaide Now Link
28/02/2011 Field of Broken Dreams Send Banana Growers Off on Different Bent Courier Mail PDF
9/02/2011 Ramy Azer Interview with OSIX Media New York OSIX Media Mp3
13/01/2010 Papyrus on target Burnie Advocate PDF (163Kb)
13/01/2011 Papyrus on target The Australian Financial Review PDF (141Kb)
13/01/2010 Papyrus on target Warrnambool Standard PDF (167Kb)
13/01/2011 Papyrus Australia not significantly affected by Qld floods Business Spectator online PDF (120Kb)
13/01/2011 Production OK Advertiser (Adelaide) PDF (226Kb)
13/01/2010 Papyrus on target Bendigo Advertiser PDF (196Kb)
12/01/2011 Queensland floods have slightly hampered Papyrus production Adelaide Now online PDF (146Kb)
12/10/2010 CWS fortifies its team Advertiser (Adelaide) PDF (163Kb)
08/10/2010 Colin Dunsford joins Papyrus Australia board In Business PDF (108Kb)
Oct 2010 Papyrus Australia Bulding Products News PDF (290Kb)
Oct / Nov 2010 2010 Banksia People's Choice Awards Australia Today PDF (1.8Mb)
24/09/2010 Look who's stalking Townsville Bulletin PDF (1.1Mb)
23/09/2010 Rural Report ABC Far North PDF (130Kb)
23/09/10 Papyrus Australia Makes Finals of the Banksia Environmental Awards Press Release PDF (13.5Kb)
22/09/2010 Vic Country Hour ABC Ballarat PDF (142Kb)
21/09/2010 Papyrus Australia makes finals of the Banksia Environmental Awards Sustainability Matters PDF (118Kb)
07/09/2010 Cairns AgInvest Forum focuses on bio-based future Queensland Government Online PDF (120Kb)
Sep 2010 Papyrus Recognised PKN (Packaging News) PDF (170Kb)
20/08/2010 Investment in farming spotlight Gladstone Observer PDF (249Kb)
12/08/2010 AgInvest Forum showcases north North Queensland Register (Townsville) PDF (256Kb)
11/08/2010 Cutting edge fibre Cairns Post PDF (167Kb)
11/08/2010 Veneer revolution Townsville Bulletin PDF (510Kb)
04/08/2010 No waste nets award Cairns Post PDF (494Kb)
03/08/2010 Papyrus Australia wins Australian Business Award In PDF (120Kb)
03/08/2010 Papyrus Australia Wins 2010 Austrlain Business Award for Innovation Press Release PDF (410Kb)
Jul 2010 Cleantech Investor 30 Ethical Investor PDF (987Kb)
17/06/2010 Palm Paper Award Advertiser (Adelaide) PDF (181Kb)
16/06/2010 Papyrus wins manufacturing awards WEB Adelaide Now PDF (114Kb)
Jun 2010 Manufacturing a greener world Manufacturers' Monthyl PDF (999Kb)
14/05/2010 Secretary switch at Papyrus Herald Sun (Melbourne) PDF (203Kb)
18/04/2010 Pick of the Bunch ABC Online PDF (314Kb)
13/04/2010 Stock Watch SA Advertiser PDF (459Kb)
10/04/2010 Papyrus-Sage dispute settled SA Advertiser PDF (239kb)
09/04/2010 Papyrus Australia Announces the Settlement of Dispute with SAGE Yahoo 7 Finance PDF (112Kb)
Apr 2010 Papyrus Australia Manufacturers' Monthly PDF (933Kb)
Apr 2010 Innovation the key to consumer market Manufacturers' Monthly PDF (1013Kb)
18/04/2010 Papyrus features on the ABC Landline Watch video clip
10/03/2010 Banana Veneer Building Product News PDF (386 Kb)
02/03/2010 Going Bananas for a Green Investment Press Release PDF (18Kb)
01/03/2010 Ancient innovation goes bananas In Business PDF (718 Kb)
01/03/2010 Investor ready In Business PDF (277 Kb)
26/02/2010 To yield from an ancient seed Australian PDF (1085 Kb)
22/02/2010 Papyrus praised as a wise investment Building Product News (online) PDF (128 Kb)
18/02/2010 Papyrus Australia Wins Investor Ready and Cleantech Awards Press Release PDF (38Kb)
Feb/Mar 2010 Back to Papyrus Facility Management PDF (146 Kb)
Feb 2010 Beleaf brand takes off Packaging News PDF (228 Kb)
02/02/2010 Papyrus Australia’s banana-fibre technology Sustainable Building Products (online) PDF (111 Kb)
01/02/2010 Banana fibre technology presents sustainable alternative Building Product News (online) PDF (115 Kb)
01/02/2010 Banana Fibre Technology: the solution to the global need for sustainable fibre resources Press Release PDF (17Kb)
09/01/2010 Papyrus seeking $2.4m growth capital Advertiser PDF (262 Kb)
05/01/2010 Papyrus green deal for Jaguar Advertiser PDF (280 Kb)
07/12/2009 Finalists chosen for best green technology Adelaide Now PDF (124 Kb)
03/12/2009 Papyrus Australia develops new fibre export WOT News PDF (113 Kb)
03/12/2009 Papyrus Australia develops new fibre export Queensland Business Review PDF (817 Kb)
03/12/2009 Aussie banana paper hit in Europe North Queensland Register PDF ( Kb)
03/12/2009 Banana-technology the key to export success Manufacturers' Monthly PDF (335 Kb)
02/12/2009 Milestone for green technology exporters WOT News PDF (300 Kb)
02/12/2009 Papyrus Australia reaches milestone with new fibre technology World News Report PDF (363 Kb)
02/12/2009 Papyrus to export banana-based products WME PDF (614 Kb)
02/12/2009 Papyrus Australia reaches milestone with new fibre technology Sustainable Building Products PDF (480 Kb)
02/12/2009 Milestone for green technology exporters Dynamic Export PDF (446 Kb)
02/12/2009 Production milestone for new fibre technology Building Product News PDF (485 Kb)
Dec 2009 Papyrus seeks to licence fibre breakthrough Packaging News PDF (709 Kb)
27/11/2009 QLD Country Hour ABC Western QLD PDF (40 Kb)
27/11/2009 12.30 News ABC Far North QLD PDF (39 Kb)
27/11/2009 Rural Report ABC Far North PDF (116 Kb)
28/10/2009 Banana-waste products astound the Europeans Cairns Post PDF (89 Kb)
27/10/2009 Banana waste at work Townsville Bulletin PDF (91 Kb)
09/09/2009 "Bababi Come Papiri Italian Economic Newspaper
PDF (661 Kb)
04/08/09 "Papyrus Plant Back on Track" SA Advertiser PDF (62 Kb)
19/06/09 "Paper Hitch" SA Advertiser PDF (62 Kb)
06/09 "Walkamin's firsts" Blues Country PDF (3 Mb)
07/05/09 "Harvester Drawcard" SA Advertiser PDF (19 Kb)
12/02/09 "Papyrus prepares" SA Advertiser PDF (92 Kb)
30/12/08 "Papyrus Australia (PPY) 50c" & "Paper Tiger" The Australian JPEG (1613Kb)
01/10/08 "Going bananas for old methods" Sydney Morning Herald PDF (405 Kb)
26/09/08 "Door to Europe opens for Papyrus" SA Advertiser JPEG (264Kb)
23/09/08 "Papyrus expands ply deal" SA Advertiser JPEG (921Kb)
30/07/08 "A banana paper first" Cairns Post JPEG (174Kb)
29/07/08 "Papyrus to move into Queensland" SA Advertiser JPEG (713Kb)
01/07/08 "Papyrus Australia's sales..." SA Advertiser JPEG (531Kb)
10/06/08 "Stock Watch" SA Advertiser JPEG (489Kb)
05/06/08 "Papyrus enters working alliance" SA Advertiser JPEG (382Kb)
19/02/08 "Papyrus to expand its portfolio" SA Advertiser JPEG (221Kb)
14/02/08 "Papyrus Fast -Tracked" SA Advertiser JPEG (98.2 Kb)
12/07 "Papyrus' plans come to fruition " PKN Australia JPEG ( 731 KB)
11/07 "Paper from banana trees" Sustainability Matters JPEG (212 Kb)
11/07 "Intelligence Report" Pulp & Paper PDF (905 Kb)
13/11/07 " Innovative Paper maker Set to Pioneer Carbon-free Technique" SA Advertiser JPEG ( 347 Kb)
10/07 "Listing Leads to ongoing success" Made in Australia JPEG (2.3 Mb)


" Turning Trunk Into Treasure" Cairns Post JPEG (2.5 Mb)


"Harvesting The Benefits of a Good Idea on Paper" Bank SA Business Focus JPEG (705 Kb ) Page 1
JPEG ( 782 Kb) Page 2
04/06/07 "Banana Waste Paper produced" The Advertiser JPEG ( 160 Kb)
16/01/07 " Exciting year ahead in Adelaide market " SA Advertiser JPEG (380kb)
16/01/07 " Tree-waste paper in line for April start-up" SA Advertiser JPEG (480Kb)
19/12/06 "Paper Plant For Papyrus" The Advertiser JPEG (275kb)
21/11/06 " Adelaide banana-ply paper looking at global market " The Advertiser JPEG (2,899Kb)
05/11/06 "Papyrus Australia (PPY)" The Australian JPEG (2,044Kb)
17/11/06 "Technology - Big Paper Gain", referring to agreement with DaiEi and shareprice rise The Advertiser PDF Download ( ~48Kb )
05/10/05 "Papyrus marketing set to start" The Advertiser PDF Download ( ~178Kb )
17/09/05 " Papyrus bends bananas to a new use " The Advertiser PDF (305Kb)
04/09/05 "It's not so crazy to go banana's" Independent Weekly PDF ( ~445Kb )
17/08/05 "Papyrus Bends Bananas to a New Use" The Australian PDF ( ~305Kb )
15/04/05 "Papyrus Australia (PPY)" The Australian PDF (~135Kb)
17/03/05 "Investors 'go bananas' over enviro-friendly paper making Stock Journal PDF (~526Kb)
18/02/05 "Papyrus planning novel scheme" FoodWeek PDF (~201Kb )
07/02/05 "Turning Yellow Fruit into Green Paper " The Advertiser PDF (~350Kb)
07/02/05 "Banana Plan to Bear Fruit", By Tania Bawden Herald Sun PDF (~292Kb)
02/05 "Banana Growers benefit from fruit paper", on page 10 Fresh Sources PDF ( ~2.3Mb )
"Producing paper from banana stems can be commercially viable" [-in Malaysia]" ABW PDF (~156Kb)
10/09/03 "John's on the paper trail" Courier PDF (~313Kb)
24/08/03 ABC Landline Video, which was repeated in their "Best of" program,
- divx Codec required for the 10 minute version
Real Video Version ( Streaming Media using RealPlayer )
Landline 10 minute 41Mb DivX version
or Real Video
23/08/03 " Bananas about paper" Advertiser PDF (63.3Kb)
22/08/03 Transcript from ABC, Prue Adams ABC Stateline
16/07/03 Transcript from ABC, Reporter: Caroline Kelly World Today
22/07/03 "Banana plan a winner on paper", Printed in the Herald Sun, 21st Jul 2003 Infarmation
09/06/03 Transcript from ABC, Host Richard Aedy, Guest Tom Johnston, Produced by Sue Clark The Buzz ;
23/0503 Paper Industry interest Paperloop
07/04/03 "Turning banana waste into profit and choosing the right markets" Made In Australia PDF (~49Kb )
~ Written by Duncan Paterson "Peeling off the Profits" PDF (~140Kb)
~ Written by John Andersen "Bagging a world first" PDF (~128Kb)
11/01 A brief mention in "Newsmakers" on last page The Adelaidean PDF Download ( ~2.4Mb )
05/01 from AusIndustry "Success Stories" AusIndustry "The Paper of the Pharaoh's set for a Comeback" (PDF ~2Mb)
27/05/99 "Bananas to Save Planet", from AAP in Brisbane Cairns Post PDF Download (~235Kb)
27/05/99 "Banana Waste Into Paper" News From the Field
26/05/99 "Making paper out of banana and sugar cane waste", by Janine Israel of AAP Science, technology & Health News PDF (~235Kb)
27/02/99 Transcript from ABC radio national, Interview with Ramy Azer, hosted by Earthbeat
12/11/98 "Paper from banana stalks" bottom story Science Tribune ( India)
19/98 "environment group news", James Cock University - Cairns Campus Student Assoc. JCU Campus News PDF (~299Kb)
08/98 "Paper Adds Value to Bananas" Rural Post ( Cairns Post) PDF (~289Kb)
24/09/97 "Ramy bend bananas to making paper" Adelaide City Messenger PDF (~415Kb)
08/09/97 "BIG bananas make a dream come true" Adelaiden PDF (~310Kb)
~ By Anthony Keane and AAP "Fruitful Future for Banana waste PDF (~165Kb)
~ Innovations in brief - "Big Wrap on Banana Paper" Australian Innovation PDF (~215Kb)
~ "Tasting the fruits of a Recycler's dream" PDF (~273Kb)
~ Written by Steve Rhodes "Going Bananas over Paper PDF (~307Kb)
Oct-Nov, 1995 "Total Eco Packaging Material" Panorama PDF (~140Kb)
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